Welcome to the Hamochi High School website!

Welcome to the Hamochi
High School website!

Education that honors individual differences

We promote an educational approach tailored to each student's individuality so that they can develop both a readiness to learn and solid academic skills. To achieve our aim, we utilize ICT, and challenge our students with "answerless questions" through activities such as the Inquisitive Program.

Opportunities for self-reflection

In collaboration with the local community and through taking advantage of its rich educational resources, we help students cultivate a love for their hometown while nurturing a global mind. By enhancing career education, we offer our students opportunities to self-reflect and help them pursue their dream pathways after graduation.

Learning environment in collaboration with the local community

Through programs delivered in collaboration with our local community, we encourage our students to explore tasks and solutions for themselves. In doing so, we instill a deep sense of humanity, including basic manners and positive attitudes towards collaboration with others, as well as independent thinking skills and self-motivation.

From the Principal

Thank you for visiting the Niigata Prefectural Hamochi High School official website.

Hamochi High School was established as Hamochi Agricultural School in 1934 as the result of the local people's passion for education. It has been renamed several times, and during the post-war educational reform, it became Niigata Prefectural Hamochi Agricultural High School. The name was later changed to Niigata Prefectural Hamochi High School in 1949, when the General Studies course was added. As the only upper secondary education institution in the Minami-Sado area, expectations from the local area are high. Hamochi High School flourished, at one time offering General, Agricultural, Horticulture and Home Economics courses. It even had a part-time high school, along with branches in Ogi and Akadomari. Starting in the 2020 academic year, Hamochi High School introduced two specialized courses, a "Local Exploration Course" and a "Culture and Liberal Arts Course," as options for one full-time class of General Studies. With these two new specialized courses, we further promote cooperation with the local area. We see our small scale as a positive factor in education, and develop our school by making the most of this intimacy.



Hamochi High School is in a scenic location in the south of Sado City, Niigata Prefecture, where, weather permitting, the mountains of the mainland across the Essa Strait are clearly visible. Growing up in the same mild climate that nurtures mandarin oranges and persimmons despite being on an island in the Sea of Japan, our students have mild and cheerful personalities. They become young adults with good manners and an aspiration to improve, thanks to the love of their families and the community's strong investment in education. We receive comments and compliments from the locals such as: "Students say 'hello' and I say 'hello' back. That feels good," "a neat, well-cleaned school," "the school gives enthusiastic guidance to both employment and education paths after graduation," "a lively school with very active club activities," and "a school that demonstrates love for local performing arts and actively passes them on to the next generation."

I would like to take this opportunity to humbly ask for your understanding of and support for our educational activities.

School Information Introduction of Minami Sado Island

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